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  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  • Protecting Life & Property,

  • Teaching Fire Safety,

  • Fighting Fires,

  • Responding to Accidents,

  • and Medical Calls of all types,

  • Attend Training Classes,

  • That's just some of what we do!

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What we do


Everyone knows fire departments, like ours, respond to structure fires and at one time Structure fire were the only thing a fire department would respond to. Times have changed and now fire departments respond to almost everything imaginable. In fact, structure fires make up a very small part of the calls we respond to. On average we have only 5 structure fires a year in our area but we respond on average to about 200 calls a year. Did you know we also respond to car accidents, woods fires, medical calls, search and rescues and many other types? 

When storms hit our area our volunteers are out checking on the people in our communities.  We are helping to clear roads to make it possible to travel them in case we have an emergency call.  When storms are bad enough we assist with being a food & water distribution center helping Homeland Security, FEMA and others get the needed supplies to the community.


Car wrecks are sometimes minor and everyone walks away.  Other times we have to use the Jaws of Life to extricate victims 2011-09-17-18.43.14from the mangled wreckage. truck-wreck-(2)After we remove the injured person(s) we treat their wounds and prepare them for transport by ambulance to a hospital.

Living the country life as we do in our communities has its benefits. It can also have a down side; Our nearest Ambulance service is about 15 miles away if they are not already on a call. We have volunteers that are trained as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR’s) and as EMT’s. The majority of the calls we respond to are medical related. Having personnel in the community can some time mean the difference in life or death.

Another important mission we undertake is fire safety.  Prevention is the best cure for loss of life and prope147rty.  Understanding how and when to escape a burning building can save your life.  Each year APFD3 participates in fire safety education at the local School and any other location available.

WE RESPOND  24/7 - 365

Truck in a tree.  A storm caused a tree to fall on a bridge.

The drive had no time to stop. 


Truck with cattle trailer overturn.

APFD3 extricated over 20 cows from the trailer.


Fire Safety training

Fairview High School



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